Manage your todo’s with this powerful and beautifully packaged iPad task manager

  Getting tasks done doesn’t need to be hard… or expensive… or even dull. We understand that you just want to get more done without messing around with a mass of complicated features. Keeping your to-do list organized, scribble quick notes, customizable tags, folders, lists, backups and syncing are just a few of the features that are all presented in a simple and delightful way. So, whether you have millions of tasks, are planning your daily activities, keeping track of customer requirements and conversations or even managing everything from upcoming events to monthly bills. Manage is perfect for the home user or anyone that is tired of task apps that try to be everything for everybody! We want to make task management fun and easy without overwhelming you with unneeded features. Perhaps one of the biggest losses with working with software based todo apps is how we can no longer draw our own notes, cross out our own tasks and even do away with typing completely. After all, forcing you to always-just type your tasks is limiting and well, can also be annoying. We have the answer. 🙂 “Manage, by kerofrog, has actually managed to add a degree of whimsy and charm to an old standby of the mobile app scene – the list application.” — MacNewsWorld   Check out Manage on the App Store
  • Inside Manage

  • Hide Task

    Hide completed tasks

    Stayed organized with this new automatic feature.

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox Syncing

    Backup your data to Dropbox and access from any iPad

  • Pen to scribble or annotate over tasks


    Use the pen tools to scribble hand-written tasks or annotate over typed tasks

  • Subtasks


    Break down tasks into smaller more manageable pieces

  • Syncing


    Sync with Toodledo and access your tasks anywhere with an internet connection

  • Backup


    With the provided backup features, your data is safe. Permanently safe.

  • Tags


    Use tags to group related tasks across multiple project lists

  • Multiple Lists

    Multiple Lists

    Create multiple lists for your work, school, home and personal schedules

  • Highlighter for flagging urgent tasks


    Use the highlighters to flag important or urgent tasks

  • Thumbnail List View

    Thumbnail List View

    See all your lists in one place on one screen, with full drag and drop sorting support

  • View tasks by due date, priority or completed

    Sort Tasks

    View tasks by due date, priority or completed

  • Calendar for due dates


    Set due dates for your tasks with the calendar

  • Notes on tasks for additional information

    Task Notes

    Enter notes on tasks for additional information

  • Badge notification for due tasks

    Badge Notifications

    Stay informed on your iPad with badge notification for due tasks

  • Help Overlays

    Help Overlays

    An easy to access help overlay system to quickly understand the Manage interface

  • Settings


    Customize how you want Manage to work for you

  • Archives


    We store your completed tasks for you, so you can always look them up if needed

  • Repeating tasks

    Repeating tasks

    Advanced neatly integrated repeating tasks with advanced customizable time frames

  • Free themes

    Free themes

    Over the classic look? Then choose your own theme. Eight premium themes to choose from 🙂