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What does your handwriting say about you?

Did you know that how you write says a lot about your personality traits? Graphology, the study of handwriting, can reveal more than 5,000 personality traits by analyzing the size and shapes of your letters to how you loop your letter o's. Your handwriting can even reveal possible health issues and detect if someone's lying. [...]

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First Wacom stylus pen winner announced :-)

Congratulations to Jules CS from Great Britain for winning the first Wacom bamboo stylus pen giveaway! Keep an eye out for our email on how to claim your prize.  :) Thank you everyone for participating. We have more pens to giveaway and keep an eye out for our other iPad accessory prize giveaways coming very [...]

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Happy 4th of July! Enjoy a copy of Manage, FREE on us :-)

It's 4th of July and we want to celebrate! We've already made all the premium themes free... and there isn't enough time to make a 4th of July theme!... Dang, how time flies. ;) So... we decided to just give away the app for free! Yep, Manage, our carefully crafted task manager for [...]

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Manage gets upgrade, follows user requests

June 28, 2013, Brisbane Australia—Manage, manage.kerofrog.com.au, one of the most carefully crafted and stylish task manager apps available on the iTunes App Store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/manage/id384312640?mt=8, has just received a major update.  According to it’s developing company, Kerofrog, this is in direct response to the feedback from its users and fans. […]
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Win a Wacom Bamboo stylus pen by entering Kerofrog’s latest Facebook contest for Manage

July 2, 2013, Brisbane, Australia—After its highly successful campaign in search of the most requested updates for its handwriting task manager app, Manage, Kerofrog (http://kerofrog.com) has just provided its loyal followers and potential users another way to win a great prize, which is the perfectly balanced and specially designed bamboo stylus pen from Wacom. [...]

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Keep your life organized with folders (notebooks) and notes

Manage thousand of todos effectively by grouping related tasks and lists into folders. Also included are advanced search and customisable tags to help you quickly sort and find the wanted tasks or notes at your fingertips.

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Powerful, clear and concise task management features all beautifully presented

Unique and powerful features including a calendar, pocket reminder and highlighters/markers (for setting priorities). Manage is the perfect tool for managing your tasks at home or your place of business.

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Be more effective with handwritten tasks and notes – smooth writing!

A recent study found that people who write down their tasks (goals) are 33% more likely to achieve them. Not just that, writing tasks/todos, thoughts and ideas down helps you recall them, engages the brain and focuses your subconscious on the success and it immediately begins to create that reality.

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Got an idea? A task to map out? Sketch it first with notes! :)

Whether you enjoy drawing a work of art or writing poetry, this signature feature of Manage allows you to get your thoughts out on paper - something that typing alone can not do.

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Nearly there…. and more free stuff!

Just making sure we do everything right before this next major release :). Did some thorough testing last week and have had to fix a few issues that popped up. Apart from that, everything is just about ready, with more testing over the next 2 days with a most likely push to the App Store by Tuesday. With release the week after :). Mentioned in previous posts, but yeah, some other huge updates coming soon include the iPhone/iPad universal version and google task/calendar syncing. ^^ I’m basically going by whatever is voted the most by you at Feature Requests – so please, tell me what you’d like to see and I’ll put it up on the list :). […]
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