Manage update is finished

Manage Icon Just doing some final heavy rounds of testing :). There's a bunch of changes in here including a hot new icon :). Other big changes is Manage is now retina ready and looking great on latest iPads and all the premium themes are now free ^^. Make sure to check them [...]

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Lots of awesome updates coming soon, including Google Calendar and Dropbox syncing

Heh, this is pretty cool - it's like we're going through a checklist. All based on your votes here - The top voted features - Hiding completed tasks and Dropbox sync are finished :). Just doing some 'tweaks' and improvements to take Manage to the next level before pushing out the release. Including making [...]

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Our name is a changing… help us pick a new name and win a prize!

We've recently decided to go ahead with a name change to Manage, and are currently testing a bunch of new names. Two of the most popular have (surprisingly) been Dolicious and Protaskinate.  In testing they have each actually been twice as popular as the name, Manage.  But perhaps that isn't so surprising after all ;). [...]

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Sale Sale Sale!

I think I'm addicted to these things :). The best thing about sales is it's a win - win for everyone.  You guys get an awesome deal, and we get increased sales. ;) Which is why we are holding another sale! Big news is all the smooth drawing updates that are getting closer to completion. [...]

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Give us a rating or a review!… How about some free stuff?

Thousands of updates and not a single rating or review. Where is the love? :P I think the problem here is that we need to offer some free stuff! :) Sooo... we have recently pushed out a small update to make Manage iOS 5 compatible, and we are looking at running a competition once it [...]

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Manage Version 1.6 is now Available!

Yep, that's right.  Approved and ready for update :). To check out some of the new features, visit the beta release post: Otherwise, just connect to the app store and download this update goodness. As usual, please please please leave some feedback (either review or rating) on the app store.  This is especially important after [...]

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Manage 1.6 Beta Now Available

Ok, after a long slog I've finally got the 1.6 beta available. (Anyone who wants to get access to this can apply to become a beta tester - Any  help to make sure there are zero bugs is appreciated ;). Whilst it doesn't have the smooth drawing component implemented yet, it is a release [...]

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Become a Beta Tester!

Want free access to early builds of Manage updates? :) We can always use feedback from our users, and the more testers we have, the more likely we can spot bugs prior to release. If interested, contact me at and I'll set you up with a beta testing account. All we ask is that [...]

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Smooth Drawing and Title update

Realised I haven't posted an update on how coding is going for the next version of Manage in a while.  Just wanted to show you guys some teaser screenshots ;). We are getting real close to finishing up on the Smooth Drawing portion of the code.  Note that it is quite complex to get a [...]

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Check out the new updates to the Manage website!

I'm pretty excited about these updates, I've been wanting to do them for a while.  Basically I want to make everything I do more transparent and give you guys, our awesome users a better chance to give feedback and follow what's going on. In order to achieve this, I've added a bunch of new sections [...]

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