Reward offered to Manage users!

Ok, I'd like to talk about some of the cool new features I'm currently working on. :) The first is a complete overhaul of the Manage drawing section, to vastly improve it and bring it to a level to match some of the best ink drawing apps on the app store. Including options like auto-advance [...]

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New update out, bugs fixed!

The new version of Manage is now available (version 1.5.3). This was a quick patch I pushed out to fix the bugs that I let creep into the last version :(. As well as finally correcting the due date problem. Thank you to everyone for your patience. :)

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Ooops #$@$!!

In my endeavour to add helpful progress indicators for various tasks, I've managed to cause other issues within Manage. So far, this has broken 'Delete Tasks', 'Move Tasks' and re-ordering tasks with subtasks. I quickly pushed out a patch for the 'Delete Tasks' issue, as this was immediately reported but yeah, this patch won't solve [...]

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Looking for testers to help out

Yep, I just found out that I missed a bug when deleting a task :(. It was due to something I added in last minute to give an 'activity indicator' when deleting tasks from very large lists. The task still gets deleted but unfortunately, straight afterwards Manage decides to crash :(. I've already fixed this [...]

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Manage version 1.5.2 now available (fixes toodledo syncing!)

Yep, it's out on the app store. This update also fixes toodledo syncing, which I believe I've already covered in previous posts ;). You'll also find auto-sync, coloured tags and other minor changes in this update. I'm going to take a break from Manage for a while as I work on giving some much needed [...]

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App Review: Disappointed but hopeful

Disappointed but hopeful by BarrySullens on Apr 27, 2011 version 1.5.1 Why I bought Manage: Documentation mentioned "ball point pens to handwrite tasks..." Why I don't use Manage: Sure, you can handwrite a task with one of the pens, but as far as the rest of the app is concerned, those tasks have no titles. [...]

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App Review: Still fails at 1000 task imports

Still fails at 1000 task imports by Robert Powell on Apr 27, 2011 version 1.5.1 Update, v1.5.1. I wish I could say that this update fixed the Toodledo problem (see below), but the 1st sync that is supposed to overwrite the local tasks with Toodledo tasks still fails at 1000 tasks. None of my 2011 [...]

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I reckon Manage is pretty cool

But then I'm extremely biased... ;) I've been working like mad on the new updates to Manage. Finally, I've put my head down and am getting a lot of stuff done... well, even more than usual. I've been sick since early in the year, so definitely need to do catch up. As part of that [...]

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Unable to start Manage after update?

There have been a few users that have been unable to start Manage after an update. In all cases, this has been corrected by restarting the iPad (in one or two cases, more than one restart was required). I am not sure why this is happening (yet) as I have been unable to replicate the [...]

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Manage 1.4.1 Patch

Annoyingly, I've been ill for most of January and haven't had a chance to do much work on the next large update (1.5) :(. There are a few bugs that really need to be fixed, so instead of spending X amount of time on 1.5, I'm going to submit a patch to Apple (1.4.1) today [...]

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