Version 1.5 is currently under development

The two major parts of this releas will be alarms and an initial look at potential products we can synch Manage with. Along with this will be a group of UI improvements and fixes to make Manage even easier to work with.

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What to expect in Manage Version 1.3

Just wanted to give a heads up, we have been working hard on the next update and expect to release it in about a weeks time. The two main areas of focus for this update are Archiving and Scribbles (Pens). We are adding some usability updates to the Scribble portion of Manage to be more [...]

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Updates for Manage

We have a huge amount of updates planned. Subtasks, re-occuring tasks, syncing, archives, settings and some really cool unique updates that we will provide more details on in the future :). The latest update, Manage 1.1 is currently in review with Apple which includes subtasks, notes in text mail exports and a bunch of minor [...]

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Manage: Carefully crafted stylus + handwriting task manager

Simple to use Everything in Manage is placed in a way that just makes sense. Tap on a title or date to change it, or tap on any task to see its details... easy. Adding tasks (typed or hand-written), searching, tags and sorting are all easy to reach. You want to mark a task important? [...]

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Powerful features

Powerful features Being simple to use is great, but you also need powerful features. We have you covered ;) Use tags to break up and organise your tasks. Sometimes our task lists just keep growing... and a task can easily get lost in the crowd. No problem! Use the search feature to quickly and easily [...]

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Keep your lists organized with notebooks

We all have a lot of lists, sometimes too many!... This is where notebooks come in.  Neatly store your lists into their very own notebooks. Check out the support page on how to use the Notebooks feature.

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View your list differently…

✔ Use the Tile (or thumbnail) View Option to see all your lists in one place on one screen, with full drag and drop sorting support. ✔ The Tile View also provides a statistical insight for each list. Check out the Support Page for more details.

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Stay in the loop with Calendars!

Take advantage of a very cool calendar view that instantly lets you see which days have tasks that need to be done. Then, simply tap on that day and get a list of all your due tasks.  Priceless. :)  

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Choose your own theme

Over the classic look? Then choose your own theme. There's currently four to choose from with more to come.

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Export Lists

Email a simplified version of your list or export a PDF version with your colorful scribbles, annotations and flagged priorities. ✔ Filter your lists using tags and sort methods ✔ Sort lists by using a variety of sort types ✔ Shortcuts that allow you to quickly create a typed or handwritten task ✔ Dynamic fluid [...]

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