I’m pretty excited about these updates, I’ve been wanting to do them for a while.  Basically I want to make everything I do more transparent and give you guys, our awesome users a better chance to give feedback and follow what’s going on.

In order to achieve this, I’ve added a bunch of new sections which you will find under Support and Blog on our top right navigation bar.  The new sections are:

  • Known Bugs – See a list of known bugs in the latest version and report any bugs that you may find.
  • Planned Updates – A list of updates that I’m planning to add into Manage.  Feel free to comment on these updates :).
  • Feature Requests – Request a new feature or vote on proposed features.  I’ll use this to find out what I should add to the list of planned updates.
  • In Development – What I’m currently working on.  Good place to ask questions on how these new features will work.
  • Support – The main support page.  First point when you need to get in touch with me about anything.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – A place to ask general questions.  I’ll use it to gather frequent questions in one place.