Heh, this is pretty cool – it’s like we’re going through a checklist.

All based on your votes here – http://manage.kerofrog.com.au/feature-requests/

The top voted features – Hiding completed tasks and Dropbox sync are finished :).

Just doing some ‘tweaks’ and improvements to take Manage to the next level before pushing out the release.

Including making all premium skins free ;)… some really cool skins in there.

Fortnightly updates

That’s not all of course, we have another update due 2 weeks later with Google Calendar syncing and little improvements to the UI to improve the User Experience :).

And then even more cool stuff…

PS: Keep an eye on this space as we’ll also be giving away free Bamboo Stylus pens over the next few weeks… yeah, they are really awesome stylus pens ^^