Ok, after a long slog I’ve finally got the 1.6 beta available. (Anyone who wants to get access to this can apply to become a beta tester – cliff@kerofrog.com.au)… Any  help to make sure there are zero bugs is appreciated ;).

Whilst it doesn’t have the smooth drawing component implemented yet, it is a release that includes a number of improvements that are part of the smooth drawing upgrade.

Enough with the talk, I want to show you some image goodness.

A view of the new notebooks, and of the new control panel look for the main screen.  There are now visual indicators for each list showing the number of tasks and any that are overdue.

Next thing I want to show you is the new mini calendar view, where you can see a calendar view of when tasks are due.  Don’t worry, the drawing tools are still there :).  You just need to select the ‘drawing tools’ option to slide them over.  Oh, and another cool thing is that you can now jump between lists without having to go back to the main screen :).

Perhaps one of the coolest new features is when you select one of those dates.  Automatically you will be taken to a view where you can see those tasks and action them as needed.  The other cool thing is that as part of the search view you can now set date ranges… such as seeing all tasks that are due after or before a certain date and even selecting date ranges to look at.

Well, those were the major features.  Of course there is also a group of other minor features within this update.

As mentioned earlier, this beta release is now live and you can get access to it by signing up to be a beta tester.

Thanks guys!…  I’ll be moving directly onto getting Smoooooth Drawing implemented in the next release, which is where all my focus will be.  It’s gonna be an awesome update when it’s all done.