June 28, 2013, Brisbane Australia—Manage, manage.kerofrog.com.au, one of the most carefully crafted and stylish task manager apps available on the iTunes App Store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/manage/id384312640?mt=8, has just received a major update.  According to it’s developing company, Kerofrog, this is in direct response to the feedback from its users and fans.

The Additions

In order to encourage its users to provide feedback on the app and as a way of showing the company’s commitment to a more useful and functional program for their Apple mobile devices, kerofrog encourages their followers and users to submit their own wish lists, where they get to share the types of features they want to see added to Manage.

After careful deliberation and a voting process participated by hundreds, the latest update to Manage includes an easy integration to Dropbox, an extremely popular cloud storage system. Via synchronization, users are able to create safe backups for their tasks, to-do lists, gtd, files, and notes on their iPad. Moreover, they can access the same data from any iPad, as long as they have a copy of Manage and are connected to the Internet. Topping the most requested feature is the ability to hide completed tasks. This can now be done automatically, so users are always left with more organized and less cluttered task lists.

Manage also offers several Premium themes, which will be made available free of charge in the update. Users therefore can choose any of the 10 well-designed themes for their app.

Cliff Viegas, CEO says, “We have always prided ourselves for coming up with not only carefully crafted, but also highly functional apps that engage and delight our users.”

What Sets Manage Apart

Manage is one of the most popular handwriting task management apps and has ranked number 1 in iTunes Productivity category in various countries. It is a favourite of many because of its ease of use and the simplified integration of powerful features, thereby reducing clutter, making the app more usable, and helping create more navigable, understandable, and memorable task lists. Manage integrates pens and markers into the task management experience wherein instead of typing the task, you also have the option to hand-write it or even just make annotations and notes to typed tasks.  In fact, a recent study found that people who write down their tasks (goals) are 33% more likely to achieve them. It has also been proven that writing ‘is’ in fact important for brain development and cognition, helping you hone fine motor skills and to express and generate ideas.

Manage is available for download at:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/manage/id384312640?mt=8