Yep, that’s right.  Approved and ready for update :).

To check out some of the new features, visit the beta release post:

Otherwise, just connect to the app store and download this update goodness.

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As previously mentioned this update was mainly setup in a way to prepare for the smooth drawing update, which has been chugging along in the background for a few months now ;).  Sooo, the next update will be all about drawing.  Should be a lot of fun!

Without further ado, here is the list of updates and bug fixes in the 1.6 release.

A whole bunch of new features in preparation for our smooth drawing update :).

– A Mini-Calendar has been added, allowing tasks with due dates to be viewed and to select those dates

– The search feature has been expanded to include date ranges

– Notebooks have been implemented, allowing lists to be grouped within their own ‘notebooks’. Basically, folders for lists.

– In-App Purchases for premium themes have been added.

– Add new handwritten subtask is now an option when a task has been selected.

– New ability in the ‘Move View’ to immediately move a task to the beginning or end of the current list.

– Can sometimes be hard to use the magnifying glass to move the cursor in the task title field. I’ve updated it to correct this problem.

– Auto-sync can sometimes be confusing if the account details have not been setup correctly or the user has turned it on without configuring Toodledo. I’ve updated this to make it more descriptive in the case of errors.

– Users are occasionally accidentally setting Lists to complete without realising it. To counter this, I’ve added in an alert that pops up telling the user that they have marked the list as complete.

– Added a link to Toodledo in settings that will open up a safari browser on the iPad. Allowing new Toodledo users to more easily sign up.

– Alert added when completing a list, to prevent users accidentally completing lists without their knowledge.

Bug Fixes

– B1: Scribble pad being cut off when selecting ‘New Scribble Task’ button. The tableview now moves to the correct position before opening up the ScribblePad.

– B2: Any archived tasks are not being sent up to toodledo when doing a full replace to Toodledo sync. They are now being sent up to toodledo.

– B3: Lists sometimes not correctly updating after syncing with Toodledo. Shared cache added to sqlite database to correct this.

– B4: Priority sorting is not behaving correctly. Fixed.

– B5: Certain completed tasks in archives are being synced back to toodledo as uncompleted tasks. Fixed.

– B6: Very rarely Manage will repeatedly shutdown as soon as it starts up. Should be fixed.

– B7: Titles for lists in the default sliding view will sometimes not display correctly for the selected list. Thank you to William for reporting this. Fixed.

– B8: Completing repeating tasks in the pocket reminder is not correctly creating the new repeating task. Also, completing repeating tasks in the ‘List View’ is not updating the pocket reminder. Fixed.

– B9: Adding tasks using the ‘end’ order setting will revert them back to ‘insert at beginning’ setting when restarting Manage. Fixed.

Thank You!

A BIG thank you to the testers that helped out with this release. They picked up a ton of stuff that we would have missed otherwise.

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Of course, as usual, we do listen to your feedback and would love you to get in touch – We would also be appreciative if you could take the time to leave an app review. Doing so helps us do what we love the most… coding you free new updates!

The next update will be completely focused on getting smooth drawing into the app (which is now 80% done). Should be a sweet update! 🙂