Just making sure we do everything right before this next major release :).

Did some thorough testing last week and have had to fix a few issues that popped up.

Apart from that, everything is just about ready, with more testing over the next 2 days with a most likely push to the App Store by Tuesday.

With release the week after :).

Mentioned in previous posts, but yeah, some other huge updates coming soon include the iPhone/iPad universal version and google task/calendar syncing. ^^

I’m basically going by whatever is voted the most by you at Feature Requests – so please, tell me what you’d like to see and I’ll put it up on the list :).

Free stuff!? Ok, this is more fun :).

First thing we are doing soon is a Bamboo Stylus Pen giveaway.

They are awesome pens and not surprisingly, really take Manage to another level. 🙂

More info to be shared once the next version is out.

But before then, one other little freebie is that the premium themes are now…. free (with this next version).

In case you were wondering, this is what they look like –  

Ninja Bunnies free premium theme for Manage

Ninja Bunnies Premium Theme

Old Timer free premium theme for Manage

Old Timer Premium Theme

Sweet Cravings free premium theme for Manage

Sweet Cravings Premium Theme

Purple Haze free premium theme for Manage

Purple Haze Premium Theme

Nitro Burn free premium theme for Manage

Nitro Burn Premium Theme

  I like Old Timer theme the most ^^.

What to do next?

Do we beeline straight towards a universal iPhone/iPad version or do we work on Google Task/Calendar syncing and some other features that were voted for by more people?  (Feature Requests )

Maybe we can do a bit of both :).