We’ve recently decided to go ahead with a name change to Manage, and are currently testing a bunch of new names.

Two of the most popular have (surprisingly) been Dolicious and Protaskinate.  In testing they have each actually been twice as popular as the name, Manage.  But perhaps that isn’t so surprising after all ;).

Sooo…. I’d love to hear from anyone about some possible new names for Manage.  The crazier the better :P… either write a comment to this post or send me an email at cliff@kerofrog.com.au, can’t wait to hear some more cool ideas.

Of course we’ll also be offering a prize to whomever came up with the new name we go ahead with (after Ad testing).  Rather than give a physical prize (that you may not want), we’ll simply send 50 dollars your way :).  Australian dollars too, which just happen to be worth more than US dollars these days.

This should be fun. 😉