July 2, 2013, Brisbane, Australia—After its highly successful campaign in search of the most requested updates for its handwriting task manager app, Manage, Kerofrog (http://kerofrog.com) has just provided its loyal followers and potential users another way to win a great prize, which is the perfectly balanced and specially designed bamboo stylus pen from Wacom.


Get your own Wacom stylus pen for Free

As a way of helping more users gain the full benefits of their task manager app, Kerofrog is giving away a Wacom stylus pen each month over the next four months to the chosen winners.

The contest is open to all Facebook and Manage users. Interested participants simply need to log in to their Facebook account and leave a thoughtful review of the task app on the App Store.

Winners can then take home the Wacom Bamboo stylus pen, which is available in four colors, namely, pink, blue, green, and black.

Enter Now!: http://manage.kerofrog.com.au/stylusfbcontest/


Bamboo Stylus Pen

Wacom, one of the leading designers and distributors of interactive stylus pens for digital devices such as drawing and regular tablets, as well as mobile phones, has put together one of the best stylus pens you can get for the iPad, called the Bamboo Stylus Pen.

It has quickly drawn the attention and adoration from iPad users because it offers a pen-like experience, capturing the overall feel or sensation of actually writing with a traditional pen right on the screen.

It is highly responsive and ergonomic, allowing you to create those familiar personal strokes with a lot of ease and speed. Made from a metal body, it has excellent weight and grip.

Using the Bamboo Stylus Pen is also very advantageous for anyone using Manage, which is currently one of the best stylus task management apps on the iTunes App Store. Based on the studies that show writing down tasks makes us 33% more likely to achieve them, the Stylus Pen is an ideal complement not only to your device but also to the app itself.


All about Manage

Manage is one of the most carefully crafted and powerful to-do list apps on the App Store. Developed by Kerofrog, a software and app development company based in Australia. It is based on the idea that most of the task management applications in the market are loaded with a lot of unnecessary features that make managing tasks more complicated than it has to be.

Committed to constantly improving Manage, they also run polls to determine and implement the most requested features into the app. Most recently 3 were chosen and added to the latest version of this app. These include Dropbox synchronization, ability to hide completed tasks and making all premium themes in the app free. The Manage app uses interactive pens and markers to bring over the charm and benefits of working on paper based todo lists over to the iPad.